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The powerful tap water iontophoresis device for excessive sweatingConstant and pulsed direct current treatments have been used successfully in medicine for many years. The idromed®5 provides the ideal companion for conducting effective treatment in clinics. Its safe and simple operation also makes the device ideal for treatment at home.


The UV comb for effective home treatmentThe new lightweight and handy dermalight®80R enables extremely short application times due to its highirradiance and is the ideal UV comb for irradiating the scalp and hard-to-reach areas of the body. The removable comb attachment ensures even parting of the hair and the correct distance to the irradiation surface. Easy to use and clean, the dermalight®80R is also the ideal device for home treatment.The color choice is only applicable for the comb. 


SteriWhite Air Q115
SteriWhite Air Q – Your partner for UVC disinfection in hospitality, healthcare, education and officesEquipped with high-performance UVC technology, the design of the SteriWhite Air Q remains elegant and unobtrusive. Due to its quiet noise level during operation it is even perfectly used in training classrooms. SteriWhite Air Q is available as a stand-alone unit as well as for ceiling or wall mounting. With an air flow rate of 115 m³ up to 900 m³/h, depending on the device version, (for normal room air: 20 °C, 50% humidity), SteriWhite Air Q with its UVC air disinfection is a great supplement to existing hygiene measures in the hospitality sector, schools or even medical practices. Several disinfection devices could be used depending on the size of the space.System-Features Equipped with highperformance UVC low pressure lamps Meets all safety guidelines for UV irradiation Modern Design With floor stand or for wall or ceiling mounting for UVC disinfection of ambient air in rooms with constant occupancy Advantages Chemical-free air disinfection Inactivation rate up to 99,99% for viruses, germs and mould spores on surfaces No ozone formation Chemical-free UVC disinfection of ambient air The SteriWhite Air Q115 is a highly efficient disinfection system for reliably inactivating micro-organisms in ambient air. Powerful and very silent fans (< 39 dB; decibel scale of quiet apartment: 45 dB) inside the housing generate a continuous airflow through the disinfection system, where it is irradiated by UVC low pressure lamps. Active principle: High-energy shortwave UVC rays penetrate the cell membrane or viral envelope and disrupt the base building of RNA or DNA by triggering the formation of pyrimidine-dimers and uridine-hydrates. The genetic information is destroyed, bacteria, viruses (e.g. COVID-19, influenza) and spores can no longer proliferate. The chain of infection is broken.In the laboratory, an inactivation rate of 99,99% was confirmed for SARS-CoV-2 viruses on surfaces.With SteriWhite Air Q115 function meets form: Due to its modern design the UVC disinfection system fits in any interior. Its powder-coated sheet steel housing combined with specially developed light traps prevent the leaking of UV irradiation. In addition, no ozone is generated. Thus, SteriWhite Air Q115 does not only meet the safety guidelines for UV irradiation but can also be used in all rooms with constant occupancy without any health risk.SteriWhite Air Q115 is a plug & play disinfection system (connection cable: 3 m) which is available either with a floor stand or alternatively can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. It is simply switched on and off by pressing a button.Our UVC lamps have an extremely long life service of up to 16.000 operating hours. A service-display on the housing gives an early warning for the rare lamp exchange.Application fields Rooms with constant occupancy, especially where a low sound emission is demanded: e.g. surgeries, treatment rooms, laboratories, shops, retail stores, bars, clubs, cafeterias, refectories, restaurants, hotels, schools, retirement or special care homes, meeting rooms, conference rooms, receptions, waiting rooms.Occupational safety SteriWhite Air Q115 meets the following EG guidelines: CE, EMV 2014/30/EU, Low voltage guideline 2014/35/EU, RoHS 2, 2011/65/EU, Photobiological Safety 2018/EN 62471