Wavelength: UVB 311nm | Control Box: BASIC | Colour: Anthracite | Language: German
The UV comb for effective home treatmentThe new lightweight and handy dermalight®80R enables extremely short application times due to its highirradiance and is the ideal UV comb for irradiating the scalp and hard-to-reach areas of the body. The removable comb attachment ensures even parting of the hair and the correct distance to the irradiation surface. Easy to use and clean, the dermalight®80R is also the ideal device for home treatment.The color choice is only applicable for the comb. 


The UV comb for effective home therapyThe dermalight® 80 is the ideal UV comb for the treatment of the scalp and not easily accessible parts of the body. The detachable comb element ensures the uniform parting of the hair and the correct distance from the irradiation surface.dermalight® 80 is optionally equipped with a UV-A or UV-B narrow band radiation source and therefore suited for a wide range of indications. Thanks to its simple operation and cleaning, dermalight® 80 is also the ideal unit for home therapy.

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dermalight®500R-1 through -4
The variable UV therapy for targeted partial body exposureThe modular dermalight®500R-1 through -4 allows for maximum flexibility in partial body exposure for different body areas such as hands, feet, chest, buttocks, knees, face or legs. Module expansion can be done without a problem and the height-adjustable stand allows hands and feet to be treated simultaneously in a comfortable sitting position as well as other partial body applications. The external control box, positioned in a drawer in the centre of the product, the treatment time to be conveniently and precisely adjusted. The emitters switch off automatically after the selected treatment time has elapsed.

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New dimension in UV therapy, designed for efficient home treatmentThe dermalight®500R-0 was specially developed for treatment at home. The compact and powerful design allows different areas of the body such as hands, feet, face or décolleté to be treated. The external control box ensures that the treatment time is set comfortably and precisely. The emitters switch off automatically after the selected treatment time has elapsed. The dermalight®500R-0 is optionally available with 2x36W spotlights or 3x36W emitters. For foot treatment with a foot size greater than or equal to 36x9cm (length x width), the purchase of a 3-emitter unit is mandatory.

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For flexible UV total body exposure while standing, lying & sittingThe dermalight®1000 enables homogeneous irradiation from head to toe, both in professional use and treatment at home. The mobile, fixed stand allows the unit to be conveniently brought to the treatment site and stored to save space.The product is available in two different tripod versions:The dermalight®1000 U stand can be swivelled continuously by 90 degrees and thus enables application in standing, lying and sitting positions. The infinitely variable height adjustment guarantees the ideal treatment distance even when lying down. The optional addition of a louvre makes it possible for the dermalight®1000 T stand to apply local therapy, e.g. to the back or neck area. The imprinted measuring rod allows the irradiation area to be precisely defined.

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UV phototherapy has been used for many skin diseases such as Psoriasis, vitiligo, neurodermatitis and various eczemas have been established as a proven and therapeutically effective treatment method. Irradiation with UV light has a calming effect on the immune system. Inflammatory skin diseases such as neurodermatitis can be alleviated. In psoriasis, the radiation inhibits growth and can thus stop the increased formation and desquamation of the skin cells. The irradiations are carried out with electronically controlled radiation systems that are equipped with special medical fluorescent fluorescent tubes. 

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