SteriWhite Air Q600


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Product information "SteriWhite Air Q600"

SteriWhite Air Q is a highly efficient UVC system for air sterilisation. Germ-laden air is actively guided by very quietrunning fans into the inside of the device, where it is passed in front of UVC lamps. The volume of air, the flow speed and the dose of UVC are coordinated with each other to ensure that excellent inactivation rates are achieved.

Protection features

  • Developed especially for use in rooms being used by people
  • No escape of UVC radiation since the UVC lamp is located in a shielded area (reflector area)
  • Satisfies photobiological light safety according to DIN EN 62471 & DIN/TS- 67506 draft
  • Inactivates viruses (Sars-Cov-2, influenza and many others), bacteria and fungal spores


  • No filter systems, therefore no filter changes required
  • Low-maintenance - the UVC lamp is changed after 16,000 hours of operation
  • Extremely quite running noise (35 - 40 dB(A))


  • Optional wall attachment (SteriWhite Q115)
  • Large smooth-running castors for mobile use
  • Handy, lightweight and convenient to store thanks to small footprint
  • hipped ready to use (plug in and switch on)

Areas of application

  • Children‘s daycare centres, schools & training facilities
  • Doctors‘ surgeries & hospitals
  • Care facilities
  • Bars, restaurants & hotels
  • Shops, retailers & office premises