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Kind of Direct Curent
Product number: 101 500
Product information "idromed®5 "
The powerful tap water iontophoresis device for excessive sweating
Constant and pulsed direct current treatments have been used successfully in medicine for many years. The idromed®5 provides the ideal companion for conducting effective treatment in clinics. Its safe and simple operation also makes the device ideal for treatment at home.
Colour: White
Scope of Delivery: 2 pc. Plate Electrodes, 2pc. Conection Cables, 2pc. Edge Protectors , 2pc. Plastic Grids, 2pc. Small Plate Electrodes with Comfort Songe Pockets, Basic Unit, Case, Instruction Manual, Patient Journal, Plug-in power supply unit


idromed®5 Comfort Sponge Pockets (2pc)
Spare-Comfort Sponge Pockets - NO Electrodes included!


idromed®5 Large Treatment Tubs (2pc)
The large treatment tubs enable a more comfortable treatment.


idromed®5 Plastic Grid (Large Treatment Tubs) (2pc.)
Spare-Plastic Grids for Plate Electrodes - Large Treatment Tubs.


idromed®5 Plate Electrodes (2pc)
Spare-Electrodes (big).


idromed®5 Small Plate Electrodes (2pc)
Spare-Small Plate Electrodes - NO Comfort Sponge Pockets!


idromed®5 Small Plate Electrodes with Comfort Sponge Pockets (2pc)
idromed®5 Small Plate Electrodes with Comfort Sponge Pockets for the treatment of the armpits,buttocks, neck or breast.