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Product number: 120 501
Product information "idromed®5 "
The powerful tap water iontophoresis device for excessive sweating
Profi Paket with additional accessories!
Constant and pulsed direct current treatments have been used successfully in medicine for many years. The idromed®5 provides the ideal companion for conducting effective treatment in clinics. Its safe and simple operation also makes the device ideal for treatment at home.
Colour: White
Scope of Delivery: 2 Stück Große Behandlungswannen, 2 Stück Grundgerät PS & GS mit Steckernetzteil, 2 Stück Plattenelektroden mit Kunststoffgittern, 1 Paar Komfortschwammtaschen mit kleinen Plattenelektroden, 25 Stück Patiententagebuch, Instruction Manual


idromed®5 Comfort Sponge Pockets (2pc)
Spare-Comfort Sponge Pockets - NO Electrodes included!

idromed®5 Large Treatment Tubs (2pc)
The large treatment tubs enable a more comfortable treatment.

idromed®5 Plastic Grid (Large Treatment Tubs) (2pc.)
Spare-Plastic Grids for Plate Electrodes - Large Treatment Tubs.

idromed®5 Plate Electrodes (2pc)
Spare-Electrodes (big).

idromed®5 Small Plate Electrodes (2pc)
Spare-Small Plate Electrodes - NO Comfort Sponge Pockets!

idromed®5 Small Plate Electrodes with Comfort Sponge Pockets (2pc)
idromed®5 Small Plate Electrodes with Comfort Sponge Pockets for the treatment of the armpits,buttocks, neck or breast.